can you write a bemily fic where beca makes em…

can you write a bemily fic where beca makes emily laugh and beca is Shook by how beautiful emily is when she laughs and she kisses her in the heat of the moment


It’s not often Beca gets the Bella house to herself, so when
she comes home on a Thursday evening to see that nobody is in, she knows
immediately that she should make the most of it.

She tests the waters first, just in case any of them are
hiding away in their rooms. She shouts, as loud as she can, “there are cookies
on the table!” because she knows for a fact that if anybody was in, they’d been
down the stairs within seconds, wanting to get the cookies before they’re all

And then just to be extra safe, she gets her laptop out and plays
her music through the Bluetooth speakers in the living room as loud as she can.
She knows from experience that somebody will come downstairs and complain about
the loud music when they’re trying to study. Once again though, the only form
of life in the house is from Beca herself and Stacie’s pet snake, and she sighs
happily, thankful to have some peace before everyone gets back from class in –
she looks at the time on her phone – probably around forty minutes.

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