Can u do a bemily prompt where Beca wears Emil…

Can u do a bemily prompt where Beca wears Emily's hoodie and the Bellas tease her for it but Emily tells her she looks cute and she doesn't mind it


Beca doesn’t usually mind that the Bellas know her so well.

Not by choice, because things never are with the Bellas, but they know her. After months of prying and
prodding and late-night truth or dare
and never have I ever games, they
slowly chipped away at her walls until there was nothing left but rubble. And
now they know her as well as they know everyone else in the house.

They know never to touch her headphones or music equipment,
and they know that if she doesn’t answer her texts it’s because she’s either
sleeping or distracted by music, and they know that she tends to forget to eat
which is why they always send someone up to her room every now and then to
check on her.

She should hate it but it shows that they care, and she’s
thankful that she has a new family who all love her and who she loves in

It doesn’t surprise her when they point out the obvious
crush she has on Emily. First, it’s Amy, telling her to tone down the heart
eyes when she stands in the kitchen one afternoon watching Emily, Stacie, and
Cynthia Rose attempt to bake cookies.

Then Chloe’s next, asking Beca if the reason why she’s being
extra grumpy tonight is because of Emily’s new boyfriend, which Beca
immediately responds with “what?!
Emily has a boyfriend?” and then soon realizes that Chloe is joking and she’s
just stepped into a trap.

“I knew it!” Chloe says, pointing at Beca with that devilish
Chloe Beale grin. “You like Emily!”

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