ik im late to the party but… ❝ I mean, anyon…

ik im late to the party but… ❝ I mean, anyone would be lucky to date you. ❞ +bemily ???? :))))

Emily can’t decide if having a crush on a senior is ambitious or just stupid.

Beca is kind of impossible not to fall in love with, though.

She’s smart, and witty, and gorgeous, and has better musical instincts than anyone Emily’s ever met.

(Don’t even get her started on how hot Beca looks with her hair up in a messy bun, headphones over her ears as she works.)

Emily even loves Beca’s volatile moodiness (she’s passionate).

It’s one of those days when Emily is at the island in the kitchen, doing homework, when Beca storms into the room, rummages through the cupboard, and starts irritatedly shoving Cheez-Its into her mouth.

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