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Pitch Perfect 3 Bonus Clips

Gag Reel (35:25-38:02) after is a deleted scene Aubrey at Amy’s Hotel Door (where Aubrey gives Amy the Bellas outfits for the tour)

Extended Musical Performances:

  • How A Heart Unbreaks (0:30-1:35)
  • Ex’s and Oh’s (1:45-2:45)
  • You Got It (2:55-4:10)
  • Casino Duet (4:20-6:05)
  • See You Smile (6:10-7:10)

Competition Crescendo: 

  • Riff Off, Evermoist & Saddle Up, So Dope (the DJ duo)

A Capella Action (behind the scenes):

  • Toxic (11:20-13:10)

The Women of Pitch Perfect 3:

  • About Triumph (13:20-14:05)
  • Girl Power (14:15-


  • Action Heroes (14:60-16:40)
  •  DJ Khaled

The Final Note: John & Gail 

Just Because He’s A Bad Guy: John Lithgow

The Final Performance: 

  • Turning Point (22:00-24:00)
  • Being True To Yourself (24:10-25:45)

Freedom x Cups Music Video (that one with The Voice)

Hollywood of the South (filming locations bts)

We Are Evermoist

The New Bellas (33:20-35:15)