Bemily Week Day 1: Fake Dating


“You want me to what?”

“Look, it’s not a big deal. I kind of told my mom that you were my girlfriend, so now she wants to meet you. She and my stepdad are having their five year wedding anniversary this Friday, and I just need you to pretend to be my girlfriend for the night.”

You’re probably wondering how Beca and Emily got into this situation…Lets back it up to about three weeks before this.

“Why don’t you go to the dinner with Tanner Franklin? He’s a very nice young man; I think he’d be perfect for you.”

It was Monday evening, and Beca was at her mother’s house, catching up. She hadn’t cared to see her mom for a long time, and now, she was reminded why. See, her mom hadn’t always been the most accepting of Beca and her life decisions. So when Beca came out to her as gay when she was 15, her conservative mother was less than thrilled.

Diane Mitchell didn’t allow her daughter to date any girls while Beca was living with her. On Beca’s 16th birthday, the girl decided to go and live with her dad and step-monster Sheila, in hopes that her father would be more accepting of who Beca is. To this day, Diane still has trouble taking her daughter for who she is and often tries to convince her daughter to go out with a boy. “Maybe you’ll change your mind,” Diane often says. But everyone knows, that’s not how it works.

“You know why, mom. I’m not having this discussion with you again,” Beca responded with a hint of frustration in her voice. Any more of this conversation and Beca would go insane.

“Come on honey, you never know. It’s possible you’re just confused.”

Seriously? Confused?

“What? I-ughhhh, I’m not having this conversation anymore. Plus, I have a girlfriend.” Beca didn’t have a girlfriend, but the girl knew the only way this conversation would end was to say she did. Convince her mother that she didn’t need a date.

Unsatisfied, Diane wrinkled her nose, “A girlfriend? Really? What’s her name.”

Her name? Um…


Why she said Emily’s name, the world may never know. Beca doesn’t even know why. She panicked. That’s what she does, she panics. She says things sometimes all the time, not even stopping to think about it first.

Something you should probably know is, well, not only did Beca tell her mom that Emily was her girlfriend, but she was almost 100% sure she was in love with her. Scratch that, she knew she loved Emily, with her entire being and that’s not something that Beca can say has ever happened.

But what she didn’t know, no one knew, is that the freshman was harboring the same feelings for Beca.

“You did what?!” Now, it was Emily’s turn to panic. Fake dating someone you have real feelings for never turns out good. But man, when Beca Mitchell asks you for something, it’s hard to say no. Especially when she’s looking at you with her big stormy eyes and those lips, man those lips…

Focus, Emily.

Beca took a seat next to the tall girl, who was staring at Beca in confusion. “Listen, I know I should have asked you first, but you don’t know my mom. She kept insisting that I go with this guy and no matter how many times I tell her no, she won’t stop.” Emily frowned, not liking what she heard.

“I’ll do it.”


“It’s not too late to go home if you want,” Beca said as she and Emily walked up the stairs to Diane’s house. The whole week leading up to the event, Emily has been a nervous wreck. She was about to meet the mom of the girl she loved. No pressure or anything, right?

She had to remind herself that this whole thing was fake to keep herself from backing out at the last minute. Beca needed her help, and Emily wasn’t about to let her down.

“No,” Emily shook her head,“ It’ll be fine. As long as your mom buys it, it’ll all be fine.” Beca sighed, apparently not convinced.

Emily noticed how nervous the small girl was, so she gently took Beca’s hand in hers and gave it a light squeeze.

Beca took a deep breath and opened the door to the house. Immediately, tons of heads turned to look at the girls, some flashing welcoming smiles.

“Beca, my darling!” An older looking woman came striding over to Beca and Emily, enveloping the smaller of the two in a tight grasp. Beca awkwardly patted the woman on the back, not letting go of Emily’s hand. The sight was quite funny to Emily, the girl knowing how much Beca didn’t like hugs…or touching, in general.

“Hi mom,” Beca said, coming out of the hug. The older woman smiled at her daughter and turned her focus to Emily.

“Mom, this is Emily…my girlfriend.” Emily smiled and stuck out her hand. Mrs. Mitchell took the young girl’s hand and gave it a firm shake before letting go.

“Nice to meet you, Emily. Come, let’s go to the kitchen, have a chat.” Diane started down the hall, waving to people as she passed. Beca and Emily followed her closely.

Eventually, the three made it to the kitchen and sat down at the big island in the middle of the room.

“So, Emily. Tell me a little bit about yourself,” Diane said, once everyone settled. Emily looked at Beca before turning back to Diane.

“Well, I am a freshman in college. I’m planning to get my degree in psychology,” Emily spoke. Beca grabbed the girl’s hand to stop her from fidgeting due to nervousness. Emily grinned slightly at Beca before continuing. “I also love being a Bella. Music and singing have been my passions since I can remember.”

Diane nodded, signaling that she was listening. Her face was scrunched up, looking like she was either focusing hard or judging her. Emily guessed that she was judging.

“Em and I met when she auditioned for the Bellas,” Beca started, stifling a laugh,“ Actually, I first met her at a small party after she auditioned. She was very…enthusiastic about meeting me.” Emily joined in laughing with Beca, remembering how excited she had been to meet Beca. She knew ever since that day that Beca would be a vital part of her life. The girl’s little moment was short-lived, seeing as Mrs. Mitchell wasn’t laughing.

Emily cleared her throat and pushed her hair back behind her ear.

“I see.” Diane paused, “Emily, what are your intentions with my daughter?”

“Here we go again,” thought Beca.

Mom.” The older girl flashed her mom a warning look. Emily put her hand on Beca’s arm, reeling her back in.

“It’s alright Becs.” Emily nodded as the older girl glanced at her and back at her mom. “Well, I don’t plan on breaking her heart, if that’s what you’re asking. I love her, with everything I have. She makes me happy, and I only hope to do the same for her, whatever that means for us.”

Beca couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Tears started in her eyes, but she quickly blinked them away, not wanting her mother to see her so emotional. A wide grin was plastered on her face, realizing how much she loved this girl. How deeply she cared for her, and how badly she wanted this relationship to be real.

Beca had no idea if what Emily was saying was real or if it was just all coming out of her ass, just for the sake of her mom being in their presence, but everything she was saying was perfect. It only made Beca’s love for her grow stronger, if at all possible. Emily needed to know how Beca felt for her.

Beca turned to look at Emily, who was smiling ever so slightly.

“Well, Emily, that’s quite an exposition. You seem like a lovely girl. I just hope you truly mean all of what you said” Diane said.

Emily nodded, looking at Beca. She did mean it, even if Beca didn’t realize it.

Diane turned to Beca, taking her daughters hands into hers. “Rebecca, I don’t know why I ever doubted you. I owe you an apology. I am deeply sorry. Never have I believed that you could pick someone who loves you as much as your father and I do, but it’s clear that you have. Keep this girl close, it’s obvious she loves you.” Diane shot a wink at Emily, who grinned widely.

Beca was never really good at expressing emotions, something that she learned from her mother very early on in her life. But this moment was an exception. The girl felt her eyes starting to water. But this time, she didn’t blink them away. Tears escaped, running down her cheeks as she smiled lovingly at Emily.

The tall girl brushed away her tears with her thumb, keeping her hand resting on Beca’s cheek. Emily’s touch caused butterflies to occupy Beca’s stomach, her breath catching in her throat. Beca brought her tiny hand to Emily’s, and slowly placed a kiss on the palm of Emily’s hand.

“Alright, alright, just because I’m okay with you two dating doesn’t mean I need front row seats to see it all happen.” Beca and Emily giggled, both getting up out of their seats. “Go, have fun. This dinner party is going to be really boring for the two of you.”

“Thanks for having us, mom. I’ll uh, call you later?” Beca asked, turning to face her mother. Diane nodded, watching the girls walk back down the hallway to the front door.

Beca slowly opened the door, letting Emily walk out first, before shutting it.

Immediately, Beca wrapped the tall girl in an embrace, holding her tightly. Confused as to the sudden affection that Beca was showing, Emily hesitantly wrapped her arms around the small girl, resting her chin atop of her head.

“Beca?” Emily frowned, holding onto Beca’s arms.

“I’m in love with you,” Beca blurted out, coming out of the embrace. She looked Emily in her eyes, her beautiful brown eyes. Ones that could steal anyone’s heart, just by looking into them. The same eyes that Beca continues to fall deeper into every day.

Emily tilted her head, her expression softening after hearing those words. A smile crept onto her face.

“Sorry, I- I don’t mean to scare you off, and I understand if you don’t feel the same wa-.” Emily cut Beca off by pressing her lips to the petite girl’s. The two moved in such synchronization like they do this on a regular basis. Beca’s lips were soft on Emily’s as the girl pulled away, Beca chasing Emily’s lips, wanting more. A lot more.

Emily smiled, wrapping her arms around Beca’s waist, “Y’know, I meant everything I said to your mom. I want to make you happy, as happy as you make me.” Beca grinned, her cheeks burning. She glanced at Emily’s lips before placing a gentle kiss on them.

“You already do.”