Hey guys! Just wanted to go over a few housekeeping things:

First, I’ve revamped our member application. We don’t always (or have ever) posted about recruiting new members but I just want to put it out there that we are always open to receiving applications. If you’re interested, love Hailee and can post original content, we’d love to have you!

I’ve also revamped our affiliate application. It just dawned on me that we only have eight lovely affiliates in the blog span of seven years, so if you run or are a member of a fandom blog and would like to be affiliates, let us know!

Most of you know this by now but we track #dailyhailee. If you want us to see and reblog your edits and/or gif sets, make sure you tag us in the first five tags of your post. This is also a good alternative to contribute to this blog if you don’t want to commit yourself in becoming a member (also we just really love seeing all of your Hailee content tbh)!

Lastly, I just want to thank Maïté (Tacha) for revamping our theme (which was much needed tbh). I literally cannot stop looking at it?? I’m so grateful?? Anyway, that’s it! If you read all of this ily and if you didn’t ily still because I don’t blame you.

– Charisse


( ps. gif icon was taken from here by haileestienfelds )