Hey Steinfam!

As you guys know, Hailee’s touring this summer and her first stop on the Voicenotes tour with Charlie Puth is Toronto, Canada! Considering it’d be her first show and my first time meeting her, I wanted to make something special with you guys!

The gist of my idea is to collect a bunch of fan made things and put them all into a notebook for her to read. If you’re interested in knowing more and participating, click below the cut to find out more <3

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I was thinking of having a mix of three things: daily reminders, fan letters and cute / inspiring quotes. You can submit as much stuff as you want included to be in the fan book – the more the merrier!

To elaborate on the three things:

1) daily reminders – stuff like “daily reminder i love you”, “daily reminder that you inspire me to be the best version of myself”, etc. i challenge you to make her smile!

2) fan letters – pretty self-explanatory, i hope! talk about yourself, how much she means to you, how excited you are for new things, etc. be as creative as you want with these letters! i just ask that you don’t make these letters 2+ pages because i will be handwriting everything!

3) cute / inspiring quotes – remember those times hailee’s had a cute quote/poem on her story? i think it’d be cute to share some of our favourites with her! you can even include a small blurb as to why you wanted to share it or just submit the quote – it’s up to you!

To submit your paragraphs/quotes/reminders, you have a few options:


Hopefully this all makes sense but if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact me through our ask box or tweet/dm me on twitter (@dailyhailee). I swear I’m nice!

I hope you guys are interested in participating because honestly just imagine how cute this would turn out? <3

– Charisse