forget wanderlust, sonder, all those words for vague dreamy feelings… what I’m asking for is a concise word for the feeling you get when someone makes an assumption about you that’s 100% correct but you really don’t like that anyone was able to make that assumption. for now I’m calling it a fuckor

“he asked me ‘you main junkrat right’ and a wave of fuckor wracked my feeble body”

send me asks. make me tremble with fuckor

Someone walked up to me in Barnes and Noble like 4 years ago and asked me where the Manga section was. I told them where, but I also let them know that i didn’t work there. They kind of shrugged then looked me dead in the eyes and said.

“Idk, you just looked like you might know.”

I changed my complete aesthetic after hearing that come to jesus, god fearing, exposé of a line.

The other day my manager admitted that she still shops at hot topic, and when I told I knew already because she seemed like the type she threatened to fire me

Activate my fuckor in my inbox

I want to experience fuckor too. Send an assumption about me to confirm or deny to the best of my ability

Once in science class we did a trivia quiz and there was a question asking the name of Jennifer Lawrence’s character in x men (not the blue one) and my teacher said “lucy did you know that one?” And I said “yes” and then she said “ yeah, you seem like you would” and I have never felt more fuckored