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Raul Gonzalez……………………………Ricardo Gomez

Inés Cortez…………………………………Hailee Steinfeld

Armando Gonzalez…………………………Raul’s younger brother (David

Gonzalo Diaz……………………………..Raul’s father, Leonese

Count Ansur Diaz…………………………Raul’s uncle, Leonese

Count Pedro Ansurez……………………Raul’s cousin, Leonese

Estela…………….………………………….to be stated

Isabel Ordóñez……………………………Inés’

Teresa…………………………………….Inés’ stepmother

Sergio Cortez…………………………….Inés’ older brother, Castilian

Corto Rodriguez…………………………Inés’ father, Castilian nobleman

Alonso Muñoz……………………………Inés’ suitor, Castilian

Muño Gonzalez…………………………Alonso’s father, Castilian

Rosa de Palencia…………………………..widow

Abbot of the Monastery of San Pedro de Arlanza

Alfonso VI………………………………..King of Leon-Castile

Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar (El Cid)…………Castilian knight

Alfonso……………………………………Leonese knight

Hailee Steinfeld & Ricardo Gomez, quotes…

Hailee Steinfeld & Ricardo Gomez, quotes from #RoseofCastile, the prequel to the #RicHaiz fic #OutofTime. It will be tweeted every Sunday at 10:30 pm PST starting June 24, 2018!

Hailee Steinfeld & Ricardo Gomez, quotes…

Hailee Steinfeld & Ricardo Gomez, quotes from Part 5 of the supernatural love story #OutofTime. The prequel to this story will be tweeted starting June 24, 2018!

Hailee Steinfeld & Ricardo Gomez, quotes…

Hailee Steinfeld & Ricardo Gomez, quotes from Part 4 of the supernatural love story #OutofTime. The prequel to this story will be tweeted starting June 24, 2018!

Hailee Steinfeld & Ricardo Gomez, quotes…

Hailee Steinfeld & Ricardo Gomez, quotes from Part 3 of the supernatural love story #OutofTime. The prequel to this story will be tweeted starting June 24, 2018!

Hailee Steinfeld & Ricardo Gomez, quotes…

Hailee Steinfeld & Ricardo Gomez, quotes from Part 2 of the supernatural love story #OutofTime. The prequel to this story will be tweeted starting June 24, 2018!

Hailee Steinfeld & Ricardo Gomez, quotes…

Hailee Steinfeld & Ricardo Gomez, quotes from Part 1 of the supernatural love story #OutofTime. The prequel to this story will be tweeted starting June 24, 2018.

#LostSouls, Epilogue

Six months later.

It was one o’clock in the afternoon as Emma sat in a
1950s-style dinner located just three miles away from the old fixer upper that they
had once called home before it had burned to the ground in a fiery blaze. Fortunately
for her, she had come out of the ordeal relatively unscathed and with a new
lease on life. Rather than continuing down the path that had nearly led to her
demise, she had instead decided to commit herself to doing what was necessary
to work through her problems and move on.

Reconnecting with and repairing her relationship with
Miguel was in integral part of that process. And although, at times, the gulf
between where they were and where she believed they needed to be seemed as wide
as the Grand Canyon, she never gave up trying or lost heart. He, in turn, did
his part to mend what was broken as they struggled to find their way back to
what they once had.

“How are you feeling?” Miguel asked as he slid into the
booth beside her and put one arm around her shoulders.

“We’re great,” Emma replied, as she smiled and patted
her protruding belly. So far, so good.

Just then, the front door of the diner tinkled as their
former neighbors, George and Casey, walked in. After Miguel had waved them over
to where they were seated, Casey clasped each of their hands in turn and said, “It’s
so good to see you both looking so well. Goodness knows you deserve some
happiness after all you’ve been through.”

“I wouldn’t be here without you,” Emma replied,
swallowing hard. “You saved my life.”

“She is right,” Miguel eagerly chimed in. “I just wish
that there was something we could do to repay you for all that you have done
for us.”

“Just knowing that both of you are okay is reward
enough for me,” Casey replied as the waitress handed both her and George menus.
After taking a moment to peruse the diner’s offerings, Casey looked across the
table at Emma and asked, “So, when exactly is your baby due?”

Emma glanced at Miguel, who winked back at her as she
said, “In five months. We’re having twins. The technician for my ultrasound
said that it’s a boy and a girl.”

Casey squealed with delight at the news. “Do you have
names for them yet?”

“We were actually thinking about calling them George
and Casey,” Miguel teased. “What do you think?”

George laughed and said, “Sure. Why not?” After a
brief pause, he then asked, “Have you made a decision about what you’re going
to do with that property yet?”

“It is up for sale,” Miguel said as he leaned forward
and rested his arms on the table. “We thought about rebuilding it at first but
then decided against it after the contractor that we had hired to look the
place over discovered your old classmate’s body buried underneath the basement

“I don’t blame you one bit,” Casey replied as she
looked down at her hands in dismay. “I’d do exactly the same thing if I were in
your shoes.”

“Have you heard anything about how Mary may have
died?” Emma asked George, who had been a police officer prior to his retirement.

“I asked a few of my friends who were still working on
the force about it and they told me that the autopsy of her body indicates that
her skull was fractured by some kind of blunt instrument. Poor kid.”

The conversation then took a brief pause as the
waitress took everyone’s order. But, as soon as their server was out of earshot,
George filled them on everything else he had been told about Mary’s untimely death
and then asked, “Do you remember my priest friend that came over to the house
on the night of the fire?” Miguel nodded while Emma shot them a curious glance.
“He stayed there until the fire was completely out. After the firemen left, he
told me that walked the perimeter of the property and said a prayer before he
went home.”

“Did he see any sign of her?” Emma asked in a
tentative voice.

“Not that I know of,” George replied. “But I do recall
him specifically saying that he felt like he wasn’t completely alone while he
was there.”

Turning to Casey, Emma asked, “Do you think Mary will
ever be at peace?”

“I hope so,” Casey said as she bit her lip. “I’m just
thankful that she didn’t take you down with her.”

“She almost did,” Emma replied as brief flashes of
memory of the evening of the fire came to the forefront of her mind. “But,
thankfully, God had other plans for me.”

“Yes, he did,” Casey said. “And speaking of that, I
think it’s time we livened up this gathering with some music. That big, shiny
jukebox by the door has been calling my name since George and I walked in.
Would you like to come and help me pick a song?”

Emma nodded as she scooted out of the booth and followed
Casey to the coin-operated music machine. As they were heading in that
direction, a curly-haired redhead of five shot past them with her mom in tow,
demanding that she be given the chance to choose a song. While patiently
waiting behind the little girl and her mother, Emma turned to Casey and asked,
“Is ‘Silence is Golden’ one of the songs on this machine’s playlist?”

“That was Mary’s favorite, by far,” Casey said with a
sigh. “I remember hearing her play it from the street while my brother and I
road our bikes or played ball outside.”

“Personally, I’d be happy if I never heard that song
again in my life,” Emma replied as she watched the little girl drop a coin in
the slot and pick a song.

“Me too,” Casey replied just as The Tremeloes
harmonized voices began humming the opening bars of their most famous song
through the jukebox’s speakers.

The End.

#LostSouls, Part 5

Week 4

“Mama, wake up. Papa’s waiting for you outside.”

I dreaming?
Emma thought as she slowly opened her eyes
and gazed at Eva’s cherub-cheeked face. “I love you baby girl.”

Eva frowned as she pulled on her mother’s arm and
said, “Go now, Mama. Run.”

“Okay, okay,” Emma replied as she pushed herself up to
a seated position and sniffed the air, which smelled like charred wood. Loud, crackling
noises coming from the other side of the bedroom also caught her attention as
her daughter’s visage faded from view. Alarmed, she reached out for the socket
knob of the lamp beside her bed, turned it, and gasped when she saw that tufts
of smoke were seeping into the room from underneath the door.

Panicked, Emma leapt off the bed and headed toward the
window. As her hand reached for the window latch, she heard a vinyl record pop
and crackle as it spun round and round on the record player of its own accord.

“Oh don’t it hurt deep inside…” crooned the British
quartet as smoke began to fill room and constrict Emma’s breathing.

While struggling to open the latch, Emma heard a
familiar voice say from behind her, “What are you doing?”

“We have to get out of here. The house is on fire,”
Emma replied as she turned to face Mary, who was standing by the bedroom door.

Mary smiled. “I know. Isn’t it wonderful?”

Emma’s eyes widened in shock and surprise at Mary’s
words. Did she do this?

“What’s wrong? Are you going to cry?” Mary asked in an
irate and bewildered voice. “You should be happy. We’re going to be together

“No, Mary,” Emma replied with an increasingly labored
breath. “I don’t want to die.”

“You’re just like the others,” Mart said, scowling. “Why
does everyone hate me?”

“That’s not true,” Emma said as her body became
wracked with coughs. “I want to help you.”

“Then why were you trying to leave?”

“My husband…Miguel,” Emma stammered as her
panic-stricken mind wondered whether he was somewhere trapped and/or hurt in
another part of the house. “He needs me.”

“He doesn’t care about you or your daughter,” Mary
roared. “He let her die.”

Before Emma could respond, she became distracted by someone
banging against the window just as the music inside the room was rising to an
ear-splitting pitch. Although weak and increasingly disoriented, she used what
little strength she had left to pull herself up and see who was there.

“Emma? Is that you? Thank God,” Miguel cried out as he
stood on the other side of the window with a crowbar from the trunk of his car
in hand. “Stand back. I am going to get you out of there.”

As Emma backed away, she heard Mary say, “He can’t
come in. Tell him to go away.”

“No,” Emma replied weakly as she slumped to the floor
and looked over at the bedroom door, which had begun to crackle and char.

“Stay with me or he dies!” Mary screamed as her
translucent body shook with rage before charging toward Miguel.

Emma responded with a strangled cry and tried to grab
hold of Mary’s ghostly figure as it slid past her. But, just then, something
entirely unexpected happened. A warm and almost blinding light filled the room,
causing Mary to be flung back against the opposite wall while a tiny figure
dressed in white suddenly materialized and came up beside her.

“You leave my mama alone,” Eva said as she glared at
Mary, who was growling and gnashing her teeth at them both like a rabid dog in
one corner of the room, and then turned to Emma and said, “Lie down and rest. I
will keep you and Papa safe.”

At that point, Emma didn’t know what to think or
believe as she heard Miguel smash through the window with a crowbar. After quickly
lifting up the lower sash and crawling through the now open window, he swooped
Emma up in his arms and handed her over to George, who was waiting for them
outside. He then carried Emma a safe distance away from the house before
lowering her to the ground and saying, “You’re going to be okay.”

The cold, clear air felt like a balm to her lungs as
she gasped and coughed while calling for her husband.

“I’m here,” Miguel replied as he slouched down beside
her. “You okay?”

Emma started to cry as she grabbed hold of Miguel’s
arm and said, “I saw her.”

“Who did you see?”

“Eva,” Emma replied in low and shaky voice. “She saved
me from that…” But before she could finish her sentence, an ungodly scream
emanating from the house derailed her train of thought and shook her to her
very core. She then motioned for Miguel to come closer as she said, “Hold me,

Miguel readily acceded to her wishes and cradled her
in his arms as he said, “Don’t cry, mi amor. I am here.”

“I’m so sorry…for everything,” Emma said as she brushed
his cheek with the back of her hand.

“So am I.”

#LostSouls, Part 4

Week 4

“Why do you stay with him?” Mary asked as she glanced
over at Emma, who was sitting beside her on the grass, while she slowly swung
back and forth on the tire swing.

That was a question that Emma found herself asking
more and more often as she thought about how to respond to Mary’s question.
With each passing day, she was finding the gulf between her and Miguel growing ever
wider and more unbridgeable. Most days, she was left to her own devices while
he worked on different parts of the house. Mealtimes had become awkward affairs
permeated by painful silences that often made her want to cringe in her seat
and flee at the earliest possible opportunity.

“You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to,”
Mary said after a long pause.

“It’s not that,” Emma replied as she batted a fly away
from her face while trying to keep her mind focused on the person and
conversation at hand. “You’ve got enough on your own plate to worry about
without me piling on you with all my grown-up problems.”

“I don’t mind,” Mary said. “We’re friends, aren’t we?”

Emma smiled and said, “I’m glad you think that.”

“Then answer my question.”

“Relationships are complicated,” Emma replied slowly, “and
sometimes when problems come up they’re not always easy to fix no matter how
much you care about the other person.”

“Do you still love him?” Mary asked with an arched
brow. When Emma nodded, Mary added, “I thought people who loved each other were
supposed to be happy.”

“We were. It’s just that…when Eva died I…”

“He was
careless,” Mary said in a rather tactless way. “If he’d been watching her as
closely as he should have been, she’d still be alive today. You have every
right to be mad at him. It’s his fault she’s dead.”

“No,” Emma replied weakly.

Mary pressed on. “But isn’t that what you’re thinking?
Why defend him?”

“I just want to be fair,” Emma replied as she recalled
Miguel’s account of what had happened. “He told me that he had turned his back
on her just a second before…”

“He’s making excuses,” Mary interrupted. “Do you think
he’ll stay with you now that Eva’s gone?”

“I don’t know,” Emma replied. “With the way things
have been going between us lately, it’s beginning to look less and less likely.”

“I’d never leave you,” Mary said as she got up from
the swing and sat just out of arm’s reach of Emma on the grass. “I like being
here with you. I hate it when you have to go.”

“That’s a sweet thing for you to say,” Emma said in a
cautiously sympathetic tone. “But wouldn’t you rather be spending time with
kids your own age?”

Mary frowned and then shook her head as she said,
“You’re all I need.”

“Don’t you have any friends at school?”

Mary shook her head again. “They all made fun of me
and pushed me around when the teacher wasn’t looking. I hated school and
everyone in it.”

“Have you tried to talk to anyone else besides me
about what’s going on with you at home and at school?”

“No one cares about me except you. I’d stay with you
all the time if I could.”

Emma felt a mixture of concern and pity at Mary’s
words and thought that a hug or a quick hand squeeze might be in order. But
when she asked her young friend if that would be okay, she was surprisingly met
with a fervent rebuff.

“You can’t touch me,” Mary cried out in alarm as she
scrambled away from Emma with undue speed and haste. “Not yet. Too soon.”

“Okay, I’m sorry,” Emma replied with some surprise. “I
didn’t mean to upset you…I just thought it might make you feel better.”

“Are you mad at me? Do you want me to go away now?”

“No,” Emma replied. “I’m happy to stay here with you
as long as you like. I just don’t want you to get into any more hot water with your
stepdad Sam by coming here and talking to me as often as you do.”

“He can’t talk or do much of anything nowadays,” Mary
replied with a malicious grin. “I made sure of that.”

does she mean by that?
Emma thought with a shudder as she envisioned
Mary exacting revenge on her stepdad in a myriad of ways.

“I can take care of your husband too if you want me
to,” Mary offered. “You don’t need him anymore. Make him go away, or I will.”

“Please don’t talk like that,” Emma said as she rose
to her feet. “You’re scaring me.”

Just then, Emma heard the patter of paws coming closer.
Oddly enough, the moment she turned to face the little gray mutt that was
bounding toward her, it stopped cold in its tracks, bared its teeth, and began
to growl.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry,” exclaimed a gray-haired
woman who came rushing after the dog. “Dolly’s usually not nearly so

Fearful that the dog might pounce at any moment, Emma moved
to step in front of Mary when she came to the realization that her young friend
was now nowhere to be seen. Where did she

“Hello. My name is Casey. Aren’t you Miguel’s wife?”
When Emma nodded, Casey added, “Your husband has told me so much about you.
It’s so nice to finally meet you in person.”

“Get rid of her, Emma heard Mary’s disembodied voice
thunder in her ears. “Now.

going on?
Emma thought as she spun around to see if she could
find where the little girl’s voice was coming from. Am I going crazy?

“Are you okay?” Casey asked, looking concerned. “Is
something wrong?”

“No, no, I’m fine,” Emma replied with a vigorous shake
of her head. “I don’t mean to be rude but this really isn’t a good time for me.
I think I need to go inside now.”

Oh, Okay,” Casey replied as she watched Emma turn away
and rush toward her house with her head bowed and her arms folded in front of

As Emma walked away, Casey bent down and wagged her
finger at her dog as she said, “Dolly, that was rude. Why did you do that?”

Just then, a ferocious wind began to whirl around
Casey as her dog whined and tucked its tail between its legs. She looked up at
the sky and then towards the lake with a growing sense of unease as she gazed
as water on the surface and took note of the fact that it was perfectly still.
It wasn’t long before things quickly went from bad to worse.

The sound of girlish laughter filled the air as Casey felt
like she was being pulled toward the edge of the lake by a pair of strong,
unseen hands. Try as she might, she found that she was unable to resist the
force that was pushing her inexorably forward. But then, to her great surprise
and relief, the driving wind and the laughter abated just before the tip of her
shoes hit the water’s edge. She quickly said a prayer of thanks as she clutched
her hands to her chest and tried to catch her breath.

“Casey, it’s been too long. Did you miss me?”

The hairs on the back of Casey’s neck instantly stood
on end at the sound of the oddly familiar voice while her dog whined ever more
loudly at her side.

“Tell your mutt to shut up before I break its neck and
throw it in the lake.”

“Leave her alone,” Casey replied as she snatched the dog
up into her arms and then glanced at the young female form which was somehow
floating just above the water. It was Mary.
Casey’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened as her brain tried to make
sense of the incomprehensible scene that was unfolding right in front of her
eyes. Mary was wearing the same pleated skirt and tattered navy blue sweater
that Casey had often seen her old classmate wear to school over fifty years
earlier. But her disheveled hair, sickly white and translucent skin, and malevolent
smile clearly put Casey on notice of Mary’s nefarious intentions as far as she
was concerned.

“You don’t look at all happy to see me. Why is that?”

Before answering, Casey glanced at Mary’s old house
and then asked, “What do you want with that young woman?”

“Why should I tell you?” Mary replied with a sneer.
“You saw what Sam was doing to me and what did you do? Nothing. He beat me almost
every day and sent my mommy away.”

“What does that have to do with her?” Casey asked
while pointing to the house.

“She’s nice to me. Did you know that she lost her
daughter? She was so sad when I first met her. But she’s getting better now,
and it’s all because of me.”

Alarm bells immediately rang in Casey’s head as the
pieces of the puzzle that had been floating around in her head quickly fell
into place. “Emma has a husband that loves her. She belongs with him.”

“Not for long,” Mary replied. “And when he’s gone,
it’s going to be just her and me.”

“No, Mary,” Casey said with all the courage she could
muster. “You have to let her go.”

“She’s mine!” Mary screamed as Casey was sent reeling
into the water by a stinging blow to the chest. After flailing on the surface
of the water for a moment or two, she was dragged underneath it by what felt
like a pair of iron weights shackled to her ankles. The words I’m dying, were the last conscious
thoughts she formed in her mind just before her world went black.

Less than two hours later, Miguel found himself
walking through the sliding doors of the emergency room at Kensington Memorial
Hospital. He had been approached less than half an hour earlier by a visibly
shaken woman in her thirties who identified herself as Kendra, the daughter of George
and Casey Wick, in his driveway. She told him that her mother had nearly
drowned in the lake that afternoon and was asking for him. Although he was
tired and hungry, he readily agreed to follow the Wicks’ daughter to the

Once there, Miguel went straight to the ICU and was
greeted by George with a hearty handshake just outside Casey’s hospital room.

“She’s lucky to be alive,” George said, shaking his
head. “If it hadn’t been for a couple that just happened be walking by the lake
when she hit the water then I think I would have lost her for sure.”

“Thank God they were there to pull her to safety in
time,” Miguel replied as he patted George’s shoulder. “Do you know what

George nodded. “I’ll leave it to Casey to give you the
details. I tried to convince her to wait but she was adamant about having
either me or my daughter bring you here tonight. She told me that it was a
matter of life and death.”

Miguel nodded gravely and said, “Would it be okay for
me to go in and see her now?”

“I think the nurse is just finishing up checking her
vitals. Let me check.”

matter of life and death?
Miguel thought as he paced back and
forth in the hallway and wondered about what Casey so urgently needed to tell
him. Within minutes, George emerged from the room behind the nurse and motioned
for him to come inside Casey’s semi-lit room.

Casey looked fragile and weak as she lay in bed while
hooked up to various monitors. A faint smile crossed her lips as he moved
closer. “Miguel, I’m so glad you’re here.”

“I came as soon as I heard what happened to you,” he
replied as sat in a chair by her bed.

“Thank you. How is your wife?” Casey asked in an
anxious tone.

“Fine, I think,” Miguel replied with a quizzical look.
“I haven’t seen her since lunchtime. I was working on the basement with a
contractor most of the afternoon and had just come from Home Depot to get more
supplies when your daughter asked me to come here.”

The rising fear he saw in Casey’s eyes as he watched
her reaction to what he’d just said immediately filled him with dread.

wants her. I know it,” Casey said as she reached out to Miguel. “You have to
get her out of that house before it’s too late.”

wants her?” Miguel asked as he
grasped Casey’s hand.

saw Mary,” Casey replied as tears began to well in her eyes. “The girl that
used live there when I was a child. She looked exactly like she did back then. I
know it sounds impossible but it’s true. And…and she wants Emma. Don’t you
see?” He did. She quickly added, “She tried to get rid of me because she
thought I’d get in the way of her plans. I tried to escape but she was too
strong and pushed me into the lake. She was holding me under when that couple
pulled me up. I thought I was going to die.”

exchanging a few more words, Miguel rose from his chair and thanked her before
leaving the room. To his great surprise, George volunteered to go back to the
house with him and offered to ask a retired priest that he knew to meet them
there to bless it. “If what Casey said is true,” George offered as they both
stepped out onto the hospital parking lot, “it won’t hurt to have a man of the
cloth with us to cleanse that place while we’re there.”

was a little past seven o’clock in the evening by the time Miguel turned his
car right onto the narrow, tree-lined street leading to his house. All seemed
quiet and peaceful as he drove up to his driveway and parked. Still, he found
himself fumbling for his house key in his haste to get out of the car and check
on Emma. He made the sign of the crows when he looked to his left while exiting
his car and saw George being approached by a white-haired gentleman in black
clerical clothes. But when he turned toward the front of the house, any
semblance of calm that he may have felt was instantly shattered by the sight,
through the picture window, of flames wreaking havoc in his living room.  

my God,” George exclaimed as he caught up to Miguel. “Your house is on fire!”
And indeed it was, in more ways than one.